Cruises to the Baltic Sea & Hotel on water

Roja - Ruhnu

You have only one day? Lets go to Ruhnu!
The journey on the sea to Ruhnu takes about 2,5 hours. Once on the island, it's worth to see the oldest wooden church in Europe and hear stories about the unique history of the island. Then you should visit Ruhnu Lighthouse and Museum. All paths between these objects are made very witty and interesting, including: the vehicles, or road signs...
The island viewing can be done in a few hours. Then it is possible to taste the local cuisine in a romantic guest house. The island is 7 miles long, so you can move around independently (you can bring your bicycle on the deck), or can organize a guided tour with a comfortable bus Iveco. And then 2,5 hours on the way home.
More information: www.ruhnu.ee.
If you want to spend more than one day on the island, the boat cabins, kitchen, sauna and other goodies are suitable for 20 people, or you can rent a guest house on the island.