Cruises to the Baltic Sea & Hotel on water

Åland Islands

Scenic Nordic nature, long summer days, excellent cuisine, waterways suitable for kayaking and interesting bike trails make peaceful Aland Islands a perfect destination for summer holidays.
The Aland Archipelago is situated between continental Sweden and Finland in the South of the Gulf of Bothnia, in the Baltic Sea. The archipelago consists of approximately 6500 islands but only 60 of them are populated. Charming capital Mariehamn is the only town in Aland Islands. The islands have the landscape of red granite cliffs and reefs, sparse white sand beaches, glistening bays, forests changing with green meadows and of course there is the sea. The islands are connected by motorways, biking tracks and free of charge ferries which ensure that you can get wherever you want.
You can go fishing and catch your own fish or use an opportunity to take your bicycle with you and enjoy beautiful Aland scenery while riding on exciting cycling trails!
The length of the cruise is 5 days. Don’t worry about hotel reservation, yacht "Palsa" will serve as your accommodation for the entire time of the cruise. Welcome on board!