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Coastal Cruise II: Liepaja - Salacgriva

You can go for an exciting three-day summer voyage along the seashore of Latvia! The destinations of the route are Liepāja and Salacgrīva but in total the route includes eight ports on the shore of Latvia. Yacht "Palsa" will stay two nights from the three-day voyage in Ventspils and Riga where travelers will be offered comfortable stay at night on the board of "Palsa". In other stops along the route – Pāvilosta, Roja, Jūrmala and Zvejniekciems – we will spend 2-2.5h.

The route of the voyage: Liepāja - Pāvilosta - Ventspils - Roja - Jūrmala - Rīga - Zvejniekciems - Salacgrīva

The length of the voyage: 3 days

Day 1
Liepāja, boarding on the yacht starts at 08.00
09.00 departure from Liepāja
12.00 Pāvilosta
14.30 departure from Pāvilosta
18.00 Ventspils

Day 2
Ventspils, 02.00 departure from Ventspils
09.00 Roja
11.00 departure from Roja
16.00 Jūrmala (Lielupe Port)
18.30 departure from Jūrmala
22.00 Rīga

Day 3
Rīga, 09.00 departure from Rīga
12.00 Zvejniekciems (Skulte Port)
14.00 departure from Zvejniekciems
17.00 Salacgrīva

The price of the cruise for one traveler is 200 EUR.
For younger travelers under the age of 10, it will cost half of the price.
Staying at night on the yacht (for 2 nights) as well as transportation of luggage and bicycles is included in the price of the cruise.

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