Cruises on the Gulf of Riga and Baltic sea



Want to spend a nice weekend? Then trip to Saaremaa is just for you!
We invite you to go to the beautiful Romesaare port, which is very close to Kuressaare www.saaremaa.ee, where there are many beautiful sights and tourists here always feel welcomed. On the island and the surrounding area each one plans the time according to his/her insights. Latvians have traditionally have liked local spa hotels, however, if your only interest leisure and tourism, you can use the boat as your hotel. The journey on the sea from Mersrags port to Romesaare lasts about 9 hours. If we leave in the evening, then the next morning we there. You will say that you have already been to Saaremaa? Maybe, but never before in a cruise yacht – no exhausting hours on the roads, but enjoying of the romance and see, with a cup of tee wathing the sunset...