Cruises on the Gulf of Riga and Baltic sea

One day in Mersrags – through the routes of old sailors!

To school and traveler groups we offer an unforgettable and interesting adventure in Mersrags.
First with the ship “Palsa” we’ll go to Mersrags lighthouse – we’ll see it from the side of the sea. After more than an hour-long sea journey we get off shore to embark Mersrags lighthouse like ancient conquerors! We will continue the tour, visiting Mersrags museum and then have a meal in the cafe "Vetrasputns". Lunch offer: pork or chicken cutlet with additives and herbs (½ portion) or soup and sweet pancakes! Of course, drink is also included!
The tour guide will tell you what famous seafarers and powerful shipbuilders have lived in this area (and are still living).
In this educational and recreational excursion, all of the above is included. The tour costs only 12,- EUR per person.